New Nokia 3310 Settings

New Nokia 3310 SettingsNew Nokia 3310 Settings – You can personalise your Nokia 3310 device by changing the settings, home screen, tones, or themes. Some Nokia 3310 settings may be preset for the device by your service provider, and you may not be able to change them.

New Nokia 3310 Settings

You can use themes to change the look of the display, such as background image and main menu layout by follwing this Nokia 3310 manual instructions:

  • Select Menu > Settings and Personal > Themes.

Preview a theme
Select General, go to the theme, and wait for a few seconds.

Activate the theme
Select Options > Set.

Change the layout of the main menu
Select Menu.

Change the look of the home screen
Select Home scr. theme.

Set an image or a slideshow as the background in the home screen
Select Wallpaper > Image or Slide show.

Change the image displayed in the home screen when a call is received
Select Call image.

Nokia 3310 Display settings

The beloved mobile – dubbed “unbreakable” because of its simply sturdy design – will not venture far from its classic brick-like shape. User Guide Nokia 3310 Display settings

  • Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Display.

Select from the following Nokia settings:

  1. Light sensor — Adjust the light sensor sensitivity of your device. The light sensor
    turns the lights on when the lighting of your location is dim and off when it is bright.
  2. Font size — Select the size of text and icons on the display.
    Welcome note / logo — Select whether you want to display a note or image when
    you switch on the device.
  3. Light time-out — Set how long the light stays on when you stop using the device

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